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150 N 2nd Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Glass sinks, counters, floating counters, and furniture.

All twelve glass colors available in seven surface finishes.
Products must be ordered in store or by phone.

Engraved Vessel Sinks

Non Engraved Vessels

Gilded Vessels

Counter Sink


Standard Basins



clear polished

clear frosted

clear white lammi

clear satin etched

clear mirror

clear pearl

clear chalk

starphire polished

starphire frosted

starphire white lammi

starphire satin etched

starphire mirror

starphire pearl

starphire chalk

cristal polished

cristal frosted

cristal white lammi

cristal satin etched

cristal pearl

cristal chalk

cristal antique polished

cristal antique mirror

solex polished

solex frosted

solex white lammi

solex satin etched

solex mirror

solex pearl

solex chalk

azurlite polished

azurlite frosted

azurlite white lammi

azurlite satin etched

azurlite mirror

azurlite pearl

azurlite chalk

blue polished

blue frosted

blue white lammi

blue satin etched

blue mirror

blue pearl

blue chalk

cobalt polished

cobalt frosted

cobalt satin etched

grey polished

grey frosted

grey white lammi

grey satin etched

grey mirror

grey pearl

grey chalk

black polished

black frosted

bronze polished

bronze frosted

bronze white lammi

bronze satin etched

bronze mirror

bronze pearl

bronze chalk

peach polished

peach frosted

peach white lammi

peach satin etched

peach mirror

peach pearl

peach chalk

Engraved 1930

Engraved 1960

Engraved Arabesque

Engraved Bamboo

Engraved Battuto

Engraved Confetti

Engraved Deco

Engraved Emboss

Engraved Empire

Engraved Entre Deux

Engraved Eolienne 43

Engraved Eolienne 44

Engraved Fine Lines

Engraved Floral

Engraved Moderne

Engraved Palmier

Engraved Roman

Engraved Tebori

Engraved Traditional

Engraved Tulip

Engraved Tulip Border

Engraved Victorian

Engraved Zebra

Gilded Cubiste

Gilded Fragment

Gilded Graphique

Gilded Matte

Gilded Vapeur

Perla Perla

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