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Electric Mirror Specialties

Electric Mirror has developed several special technologies including Keen, Vive, TV, Diamond Clear, and An Etched clock, all making your bath mirror incredibly useful.

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  • Electric Mirror, the leader in the Lighted Mirror and Mirror TV industry, introduces Iris™, the next generation of Entertainment Mirror TV. Iris, which surpasses all previous technologies, is a type of mirror glass equipped with patented technology that allows the TV image to shine through the mirror without picture degradation and with minimal glare. Iris, the future of Entertainment Mirror TV technology, offers the best of both worlds – a beautiful mirror and a flawless TV.

    Iris is available in most of our our Loft and Stanford models.

    The Iris mirror surface is slightly darker than a typical mirror, so Iris is best used in non-bathroom applications such as the guestrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dens, foyers and more.


    • Brightest Entertainment Mirror TV viewing experience, using the most-advanced technology.
    • Highest light transmission of any Entertainment Mirror TV, when compared to competitive products that have reduced light output.
    • Lowest level of glare of all Mirror TVs in the industry, ideal for Entertainment Mirror TVs.
    • Newest technology with the clearest picture and most consistent optical performance.
    • Exclusively available at Electric Mirror.
    • Patented.
    • Certified to ISO 14001:2004 environmental standards.




  • Keen™ Technology is a low cost, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly upgrade to Electric Mirror LED lighted mirrors. Three* luxurious capacitive touch controls embedded into the face of the mirror give the user full control over dimming settings, including an elegant night mode setting. Soft-start gently brightens the LED lighted mirror. Keen™ is intelligent and automatically dims after being on for one hour resulting in significant annual energy savings of up to 60 percent.


    Keen is simple and easy to use and is the most eco-friendly choice a hotel can make when choosing an energy-saving lighted mirror. The auto-dimming technology reduces electrical costs for the bathroom mirror, because hotel guests often leave lights on when departing. The added feature of a night mode improves safety as hotel guests may leave the bath light on all night.

    Keen is easy to install, needs no extra wiring, and can contribute to LEED certification. Keen Technology meets the California Title 24 Building Standards for energy savings in adaptive lighting. Keen is part of the SmartMirror™ family of innovative mirrors made by Electric Mirror.

    • Keen may reduce annual energy costs by almost 60%
    • Capacitive touch controls, including night mode, and dimming up and down
    • Soft Start gracefully ramps on rather than a blinding instant on experience
    • Anti-bacterial touch controls
    • Quiet operation eliminates noisy electronic “clicks” when powering on
    • Easy to clean
    • Energy saving mode after one hour of use
    • For LED lighted mirrors only
    • The most eco-friendly mirror for commercial or residential use

KEEN Specification

Installation Instructions

Potential LEED Credits




  • Electric Mirror continues its industry-leading innovation by introducing Vive™, Music in your Mirror. Vive is simple and easy to use and transforms any of our products into a wireless stereo system. It is the perfect way to create a streaming audio experience in any space with just a touch. Connect any Bluetooth smart ready device, such as a smart phone or tablet to Vive, and your hotel bathroom or guest room is revolutionized!Vive is part of the SmartMirror™ family of innovative mirrors made by Electric Mirror.
    • Smart Phone to Mirror Pairing is Easy
    • Saves Valuable Countertop Space – No Docking Station Needed
    • Keep Your Phone with You
    • Use Your Phone While it is Paired
    • Totally Unique
    • Premium Sound

    Vive Product Details

    • Integrates with any of Electric Mirror’s Framed or Lighted Mirror Products
    • 30 foot Range for Bluetooth Signal
    • Backlit Controls on the Mirror
    • Uses Capacitive Touch Technology
    • Anti-bacterial Touch Controls
    • Easy to Clean
    • Various Premium Sound Options are Available
    • Use Internal Speakers or Connect to an Installed Stereo System

    Three Simple Steps to Pair and use a Vive enabled Mirror to a Smart Device

    1. Touch the power button on the mirror.
    2. On your device, select “Electric Mirror” in your Bluetooth Settings. Your device will be paired to the mirror when the blinking red sync light turns a solid blue.
    3. Once paired, start your music via your device. Control volume using the mirror control panel or from your device.

VIVE Specification



Seamless LED Clock is a fantastic and elegant upgrade for Electric Mirror lighted mirrors and is available now for hospitality, health care, commercial, and residential applications. Seamless is available as an inexpensive upgrade on almost all our lighted mirror models and sizes. Patent pending techniques allow the illuminated digits to show through the mirror without a distracting clock display window, making the clock elegant and harmonious with the mirror.

  • Only the clock digits appear through the mirror – no distracting clock display window
  • Guests will enjoy the added benefit of having a clock in the bathroom
  • Affordable – every Lighted Mirror can now have a clock

Seamless is equipped with two clock programming control methods that give customers flexibility to adjust the settings of the clock. The Automatic Clock Programmer provides the fastest method – simply point the programmer remote toward the mirror and it synchronizes all the settings automatically. The other option is the Manual Clock Programmer which uses the clock module’s display to manually make adjustments.

LED Clock Specification



Framed models come with a choice of frame. Subtle or distinct, there is an option for everyone.

Prestige $$$$

Luxe $$$

Grande $$

Urban Profile $


Electric Mirror’s TV and Vive™ products come included with state-of-the-art integrated speaker technology to create high quality stereo sound in your bathroom without the hassle of installing speakers separately. SPEAKERS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY FROM MIRROR.

Bose® Ceiling Speakers
Electric Mirror Bose® Ceiling Speakers as an upgrade option for any Mirror TV product, combined with our ideally amplified Mirror TV products, create a premium sound experience. This upgrade speaker is available in a white finish to blend in with your ceiling perfectly. Select one or two speakers.

Glasswaves™ Speakers
The Loft™ and Stanford™ Bathroom Mirror TVs and the Mirrored Cabinet TVs use Electric Mirror’s newest audio advancement called Glasswaves™, which transforms the mirror into a sound system by creating tiny, undetectable vibrations in the glass. Glasswaves™ is also an upgrade option for Entertainment Mirror TVs.

Slimline™ Speakers
Lighted Mirror TVs and Vive™ use integrated speakers called Slimline™ that are behind the mirror and emanate stereo sound from the sides. The Northstar Waterproof Tvs also include integrated speakers that are completely waterproof.



Our mirror technology creates brilliant images when the TV is on and hides it completely when it is off. This patented technology offers one of our best competitive advantages, as it allows for 99% of light to transmit from the TV through the mirror, creating the brightest and most brilliant TV image. As a comparison, most of our competitor’s TV mirrors will only transmit a fraction of light through to the TV, creating a far less brilliant picture.

Iris Mirrors give the brightest Mirror TV experience, offering stunning quality, reduced glare, and TV viewing on parity with a standard HDTV. The TV virtually vanishes when off, leaving only a subtle faint outline of the TV perimeter that may be noticeable up close. Iris is the first Mirror TV that allows TV viewing in daylight environments with direct sunlight. The Iris mirror surface is slightly darker than a typical mirror, so Iris is best used in non-bathroom applications such as the guestrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dens, foyers and more.

V-Mirrors, allow for the TV to totally disappear, leaving no TV screen image when off, this vanishing mirror TV technology is sure to be a wow factor in your project. This mirror technology performs best when used in a dark environment, because in highly lit environments the vanishing mirror reflectivity qualities can cause glare in the TV area; especially when surrounded by natural daylight. The mirror reflection is 80% as bright as typical mirror, so this mirror technology is best for non-bathroom applications such as the living room, bedroom, den, and above a fireplace.

Spectrum Mirrors, provide the best reflective mirror surface available, which is ideal for make-up application and preparing for the day. This makes Spectrum Mirror the recommended mirror technology for bathroom installations. The TV brightness is very high, and the TV image is camouflaged when the TV is off, leaving only a light grey image where the TV is located.

B-Series Mirrors, are the most affordable option for bathrooms and guestrooms, and provide a black screen in the TV-off position. B-Series Mirrors also have a highly reflective mirror surface, and a TV brightness quality that is also very high.

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