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Duravit Care And Cleaning Guide

  • Ceramic
  • Chrome Plated Surfaces
  • WonderGliss


Ceramic has many positive properties: it is resistant to heat and cold, abrasion and scratch-resistant, light-fast and hygienic. As a natural raw resource, it is completely safe to use and also extremely durable. Please observe the following cleaning and care instructions so that you can enjoy your ceramic for as long as possible:

Which cleaner?

NOTICE! Damage to the surface due to incorrect cleaning!

  • Only use cleaners and equipment that are suitable for the application.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the cleaner.
  • Never mix cleaners.

A mild commercially available sanitary cleaner is suitable for daily cleaning, limescale stains can be removed using an acidic vinegar or citrus based cleaner (pH value 1-4). The harder the water is, the greater the quantity of cleaner that should be used.

Metallic marks resulting from use (black dots/lines, e.g. due to rubbing of rings) cannot be removed using mild cleaners. Only treat the affected area with Stahlfix (German brand) or equivalent stainless steel cleaner, car polish or a ceramic hob cleaner.

How often?

Regularly clean the coated surface, or clean immediately if soiled. If the cleaning is not carried out regularly enough, soiling, e.g. limescale and soap stains, cosmetic residues, rust and mould, may become visible and subsequently more difficult to remove.


  • Clean the surface with a soft clean cleaning cloth and warm water.
  • When tackling stubborn dirt, wait a few minutes to allow the cleaner to take effect.
  • Tip! An advantage of using gels and foaming cleaners is that they also adhere well to sloping surfaces. You can also soak a cloth in the cleaner then place it on the soiled area.
  • Rinse with clean warm water to remove all traces of the cleaner.
  • Dry the surface.


Chrome Plated Surfaces

Chrome-plating a surface protects it from mechanical and chemical damage.

Incorrect cleaning may damage the chrome coating and lead to discolouration and corrosion damage. Please observe the following cleaning instructions so that you can enjoy your product for as long as possible.

Which cleaner?

Use washing-up liquidfor daily cleaning; limescale stains can be removed using a commercially available citrus-based sanitary cleaner.

How often?

Clean the coated surface daily or immediately if soiled.


NOTICE! Damage to surface due to incorrect cleaning!

  • Only use cleaning agents and equipment that are intended for this application.
  • Follow the cleaning manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not use cleaners that
    • contain hydrochloric acid, formic acid or acetic acid
    • contain phosphoric acid or chlorine bleach
    • contain sulphur
    • have an abrasive effect
  • Never mix cleaners.
  • Do not use cleaning equipment with an abrasive effect (e.g. pad sponges or micro fibre cloths).
  • Do not use steam cleaners as the high temperatures could damage the product.
  • Spray the spray cleaner onto the cleaning cloth, never directly onto the product. The spray can penetrate openings and gaps and cause damage.

Take note of the cleaning instructions and the time taken to work under the conditions and do not allow the cleaner to remain on the surface longer than necessary.

  • Clean the surface with a soft cleaning cloth and a little water.
  • Remove more stubborn stains by applying the cleaner to a soft cleaning cloth and treating the area.
  • Rinse with clean water to remove all traces of the cleaner
  • Dry the surface.




WonderGliss takes the hard work out of cleaning sanitary ceramic surfaces. In order to continue enjoying WonderGliss for as long as possible, please follow the cleaning guidelines below:

The best way to care for ceramic surfaces with a WonderGliss finish is to clean them daily with a damp cloth. Take care to ensure that the cloth is always clean. Microfibre cloths are not recommended.

In cases where it is necessary to use a cleaning product, we recommend a gentle cleaner such as a standard acid-based cleanser (see recommendations). Acidic cleaners (containing acetic or citric acid) are ideal for removing any limescale deposits that may occur.

The toilet can be cleaned in the usual way with a toilet brush. If on occasion more stubborn soiling should develop on the surface, just use a bathroom cleanser and allow it to soak in overnight. Gel and foam cleansers are especially suitable, as they cling to sloping surfaces. Alternatively, you can lay a cloth soaked in cleanser on the soiled area. Hairspray deposits in washbasins are best removed with an alcohol solution (e.g. isopropyl alcohol – available from chemists).

Under no circumstances should you use harsh or abrasive cleaning substances such as abrasive cream cleansers, scouring powder or drain cleaner on your ceramic surfaces. Also avoid using steam cleaners and hard, abrasive sponges. Please bear in mind that hair colouring products can reduce the effectiveness of WonderGliss.

If you follow this guidance then you should remain satisfied with the performance of WonderGliss for many years.

Recommended cleaners for sanitary ceramic surfaces with WonderGliss finish.

The use of acidic cleaners with a pH value between 1 and 4 is highly recommended. Cleaners with a pH value in the neutral range (5 to 8) are not always suitable.

We strongly advise against using either weak or strong alkaline cleaners, i.e. substances with pH values from 9 to 12.

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